Easy Holiday Decor Ideas

In need of fresh decorating tips this holiday season? Jennifer Vick & Co. is here to provide suggestions to make your home more inviting than ever.

1. Invite Garland Inside

Greenery draped inside and around doorways creates a spin on usual holiday decor but keeps an inviting atmosphere.

2. Suspended Ornaments

Use ornaments in a different way this year–Hang stylish ornaments in groups from the ceiling to create a chandelier look!

3. Door Bell Bells

Tie up some reindeer bells with festive bows and attach them to the front door handle! Makes an exciting entry for all those holiday guests.

4. Christmas Centerpieces

Use plastic greenery inside your usual table centerpieces. Mix in holly or mistletoe for a glossy decoration then group in different shapes and size vases.

5. Accent Pillows

Replace your regular accent pillows with holiday themed pillows! Quick and cozy way to create a festive theme. Go to houzz.com for good options.

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Happy Holidays from

Jennifer Vick and Co!